Do you want a passport – free of charge? Call Johny at SUA

Thanks to Internet many good ideas have come to simplify our lives and made our society more comfortable. Entrepreneurs and Statesmen have through the Internet spread and achieved great improvements in the society. Examples of these ideas are: Google and Facebook. Even statesmen use Internet to spread their vision and trying to change society for the better.

There are also bad ideas coming out in the society, and they are many. The latest to be added to one of the craziestidea is that the Syriac Universal Alliance, SUA, intends to issue passports. One cannot help to reflect once and twice – what is written? Is it true?

A time ago, Suryoyo sat had a program with representatives from SUA. The program focused largely on what activities SUA has been up to and it’s future plans. After a baroque accounting SUA’s representatives urged the viewers to help SUA with money to push through SUA’s grand ideas.

Okay, on further consideration, it’s not controversial that an organization presents preposterous ideas, there are plenty of those and it does not conflict with the law. But when you spread untruths and present absurd ideas that deride the viewer and reader you do nothing else but deceiving them in a mocking manner.

SUA’s Representative Daniel Gabriel with the chairman JohnyMesso at his side said:
-In a formal decision, the European Union recognized the arameans as the native people. Daniel Gabriel made this statement without referring to any source. Has the European Union, EU, the mandate to decide on the matter? Has this decision been published? 

SUA’s representative’s madness continues and it gets better during the program. The worst overshoot came at the end of the table when a Daniel Aksan made the following announcement:
-SUA is planning to issue passports for our people. For example, when traveling from Holland to Sweden I show my Dutch passport but in the future, we want our people to show their own Aramaic passport. 

You don’t need to read it again. You have read correctly! SUA is planning to issue passports to the arameans!

The question is whether Daniel Aksan and other SUA members know what they say? They and SUA seem to have confused national passports with ordinary honest business card that can be ordered via the Internet from any printer at any time. These baseless statements and crazy passport ideas made by SUA’s members was made in the presence of the ”president” JohnyMesso. The fact that JohnyMesso did not react to the information is an indication that he approves this. When you hear these great minds speak you cannot help to think about ”Baghdad Bob”. You are free to fantasize …

A passport is a formal identitydocument issued by a government agency that identifies its holder as a national citizen, and it is used as an international identity document at border controls. So this is nothing that can be ordered via the Internet yet, unless SUA intend to be pioneers and start delivering passports through Internet. Wondering directly if they will charge a fee for this? One wonders if the SUA shall be included in the Schengen cooperation? Yes, the questions pile up.

As shown in the television program QoloHiro, they have taken the information seriously and contacted Suryoyo Sat to ask for the source of information on EU’s decision about the native people. Any answers or information source is still, after two weeks not presented even though the contact person at Suryoyo Sat assured to come back after consulting with Johny ”Baghdad Bob” Messo.

A tip for SUA and Johny ”Baghdad Bob” Messo: SUA should adhere to continue to annually provide SUA’s main achievement: to organize a party in Midyat on the anniversary of Seyfo.

Below you can see the video clip from QoloHiro that raised SUA’s big ideas.

Ps: QoloHiro has from a trustworthy source, received a special edition of the new SUA passport in the form of a proof. See the picture above.



Johan Sumer

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