A Roadmap for Peace in Syria, Mar Gregorios Yohanna Abraham Metropolitan of Aleppo


Dear Friend,  I am in Aleppo! Media has spread out the news that AlSyrian Quarters has been attacked and bombed, and this is an essential part of my diocese. I was disturbed and thought this is the right time to be with my people in Aleppo. I know it is dangerous and so difficult, but […]

Turkish Court Takes Monastery’s Land, Declares Assyrians ’Occupiers’


The final decision of the [Turkish] Supreme Court of Cassation in the legal case of St. Gabriel, ordering it to transfer the lands which the monastery has owned for 14 centuries to the State Treasury marks a major legal scandal. Cynically, it was the same institution which in 1974 ruled against the [non-Muslim] minority foundations […]

Sex-after-death laws: report


Islamister föreslår nya lagar i Egypten: Kvinnlig giftasålder 14 år, ok för man att ligga med sin döda fru. klicka länken nedan för att läsa hela texten på engelska. Al arabia TV

Wikileaks reveals Patriarch Zakka’s bad judgment


Secret documents published by Wikileaks reveal that the Syriac Orthodox Patriarch Zakka Iwaz and his emissary accuse U.S. and Israel of being behind the September 11 attacks. With several misguided statements the leaders of the church are again taking the party of regimes and rulers who have oppressed the Assyrians in the Middle East, writes […]